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MachineryMax-A trusted partner for any industrial asset sale

With decades of combined experience, MachineryMax has a proven track record of efficiency, speed, and trust . This has helped us to be the fastest growing global online industrial asset auction platform! We leverage the latest digital technologies to access, market, and facilitate transactions. This helps you realize maximum value for your asset. MachineryMax turns your sale into an event that engages the buyers and create a win-win for everyone.

Choose the sales model that suits you best

Commission : This is the most traditional auction structure and provides several different options to satisfy your needs. While there is some risk, it will provide the largest net reward.

Net Guarantee Approach : We assess your asset and provide a guaranteed net minimum amount plus an agreed percentage above and beyond the minimum amount. This provides the security of knowing what you will receive with the opportunity to participate in the potential upside.

Cash Purchase Approach : We will purchase all your assets and fund you within 24 hours of executing a purchase agreement.

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Complete Shop or Just a Few Machines

MachineryMax has you covered!
Our highly experienced team is strategically located across the United States and Canada to ensure quick response. We put extra effort to clean and stage prior to professionally photographing your assets. We present your events in a 100% clean environment ensuring high engagement with prospective buyers. We also include video links of specific machines running to inspire MachineryMax confidence.

In a Time Crunch?

MachineryMax.Com assures any size auction from start to finish in 4 weeks! You pick your preferred sales/service model




We offer an end-to-end solution that best fits your needs and timeline

Let the experts be your guide!

Our experts understand the industry, your needs and have long experience of

creating the win-win for each event.

Expert event designers

We have the answers ranging from your specific machinery questions to general industry trends. You will have complete knowledge and trust in the sale. Challenge us with your specific questions and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised! Our team will make your asset the star and create excitement to maximize your sale.

We are close to you, wherever you are

9 fully staffed office locations

Our database includes sellers and buyers worldwide and our proprietary algorithms ensure that the right people know about your event and engage.

Analytical Data

Last year MachineryMax had 433,000 unique visitors to its website, with 820,000 individual sessions. Our Global span reached an audience throughout the entire world. With this data, this ensures that, We will collaborate to maximize your sales by ensuring that every buyer sees immense value in our deals – win-win designs

Industries We Serve

Wood working

Heavy Equipment

Metal working

Rolling Stocking

Remember, our expertise spans any asset of value that your facility!