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(2019) Triad "MultiBridge" Wall Panel Automation Line Ended

Complete Woodworking Facility Auction - Spokane, WA

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Triad "MultiBridge" Wall Panel Automation Line (2019) - Spokane, WA ( Closed #54404768 )

Original cost in 2019 $225,000.00. By order of secured creditors an absolute auction is to take place. Machine has been professionally dismantled and prepped for shipping

  • Item Location

    4501 E. Trent Ave. Spokane, WA 99212

  • Make


  • Model


  • Serial Number

    127 (bridge 1), 145 (bridge 2)

  • Year


  • Phase

    3 PHASE

  • Voltage


  • Inspection Date

    By appointment only, contact Jack Ragan, [email protected], 503-806-4611

  • Final Removal Date

    See home page for details

  • Estimated Dimensions

    422" L x 192" W x 72" H

  • Estimated Weight

    20,000 Pounds

  • Seller Comment

    Buyer Responsible for hiring a rigger to load

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Triad "MultiBridge" Wall Nailing/Framing Line


Trident Bridge 10'

Conveyor Roller DBL 24"/24" 30' Long

FTC Flow thru Component Nailer 

Panel Lift, XPL-1000

Triad Custom Plate Cart 14" Arm 10' Base, 18'-24' Material

Material Cart 3x5 Frame Only

Gen 3 Framing Table 24'x10



A Triad MultiBridge gives you TWO gantries with your choice of combined functionalities. So many great options! And the MultiBridge can be made to fit most Triad Framing Tables and/or Squaring-Sheathing Tables.

For example: A wood-timber builder might choose a Trident Bridge on one gantry, and a Router Bridge on the second gantry. That means the ability to nail the sheathing onto the studs, with three high-capacity nail guns & then (on the return trip) route out the window/door openings with the Router Bridge side. Automatic PlateFire guns are also available, adding a THIRD functionality to the MultiBridge. (PlateFire automatically nails the plates at your choice of nail spacing).

Other options: We have had builders purchase a nailing bridge on one gantry, and a panel stapler bridge for the second gantry – offering them versatility in fastener choices or sheathing material choices.

Generation Framing Table

Triad’s Generation 3 Framing Table is custom built for 16’ to 80’ long walls (your choice of maximum length), and offers the greatest wall height range of any Triad Framing Table: With wall heights from 3’9″ to 16’3″ you can do anything from knee walls to commercial building wall panels. Studs are placed between color-coded stud locators. With just a push of a button, the width adjustment clamp is activated to clamp and square all components at a rate 18% faster than our previous (Gen II) model. The Generation 3 Framer features a wider table top support surface, as well as an innovative, optional, Pop-up Power Chain Conveyor. The Generation 3 was designed with the framer in mind, with our new Slip-Resistant Surface that allows the operator to move about on the machine’s interior (when needed) on a comfortable and safe platform.


  • Wider working surface
  • Custom built from 12’ to 80’ lengths of walls
  • Power width adjust for various wall lengths
  • Cast iron counter-balanced stud locators
  • Includes rails to accommodate optional dollies
  • Continuous squaring lip for precision squaring
  • Squaring stops

Flow-Through Component Nailer

There is a reason that Triad’s Flow-Through Component Nailer is one of its most popular component machines. It was designed to cover all component manufacturing needs. It has adjustable, mounted guns allowing for unmatched versatility. With foot pedal firing, the nailer provides the speed rates required in high product operations. The Flow-Through Component Nailer is ideal for trimmers, partition leads, corners, headers, ells, jack studs, and more.

Listed specifications were taken from manufacturer's published information and is assumed to be correct but not guaranteed.  Bidder is encouraged to inspect the machine, call with questions or contact the manufacturer for more information.

Listed specifications were taken from the manufacturer’s published information and is assumed to be correct but not guaranteed.

Bidder is encouraged to inspect the machine, call with questions contact the manufacturer for more information.

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