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2017 Homag "Ambition FCG Highflex AT" With Airtec Edgebander Ended

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2017 Homag "Ambition FCG Highflex AT" With Airtec Edgebander ( Closed #21078816 )


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    1905 N Macarthur Dr STE 110 Tracy Ca 95376

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    OPTIMAT 1440 Highflex FCG AT

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  • Phase

    3 PHASE

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    By Appt Only 925-250-8248

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    Forklift onsite- Loading fee required-$200.00

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Premill, End Trim, Fine Trim, 2 Motor Contour, Profile Scrape, Buffing, Grooving

FAQ: Does this machine accept PUR?  :  Yes it has a Qa65n Gluing unit that can purge through the power touch.

Brandt Automatic Edgebanding Machine Ambition 1440 FCG Highflex with airTec

Machine Features

  •   powerTouch Program Control

  •   electrical equipment installed according to UL regulations

  •   motorized top pressure belt hold-down beam for workpiece thickness adjustment

  •   automatic feed track lubrication system

  •   program-controlled infeed fence positioning

  •   support rollers for narrow workpieces

  •   workpiece preheating

  •   pneumatically-controlled hard stop at machine infeed to prevent premature workpiece


  •   Joint Trimming Unit for pre-trimming the workpiece edge prior to processing

    The diamond cutter heads on this machine are only capable of processing a maximum workpiece thickness of 40 mm. Optional 60 mm tooling is available upon request.

  •   standard hot melt granulate glue application system with no lubrication needed

  •   quick change glue tank for easy maintenance and glue color change, if necessary

  •   AT 15 airTec Reactivation Unit for use with laser edgebanding to provide zero glue

    line results. Maximum workpiece thickness is 40 mm when using airTec.

  •   Lubrication Spraying Unit for delicate edge materials like high gloss with peel coat

  •   Anti-Static Spraying Unit

  •   motorized positioning of the pressure zone. First pressure roller driven and two (2)

    idle pressure rollers

  •   Double-Motor End Trimming Unit with straight and chamfer capability. Chamfer

    up to 15. Program-controlled indexing from straight to bevel end trimming

  •   MS 40 Multi-Stage Fine Trimming Unit with three (3) working positions: Profile 1, Profile 2, and Flush Trimming. Auto-tilt and servo-controlled horizontal tracing roller

    for edge thickness. Nested top copy system.

  •   Single-Motor Contour Trimming Unit for profile corner trimming

  •   Quick-Change Profile Scraping Unit for rigid PVC edges with program-controlled

    indexing, and nested top and bottom copy system

  •   Grooving Unit with jump control (7 mm grooving tool)

  •   Finish Scraping Unit

  •   Buffing Unit with two (2) motors, two (2) cloth buffing discs (150 x 20 mm diameter)

  •   sound enclosure with window

  •   electronic frequency changer for all trimming motors – including electronic motor braking

  •   isolation transformer with variable infeed voltage for balancing all three (3) phases of

    incoming power and increasing the lifetime of the machine’s electrical components

Technical Specifications

edgeband thickness: Coils 0.4-3mm Strips 0.4-8mm

material cross section: PVC 135mm Veneer 100mm

edgeband height: 12-65mm
workpiece length (contour trimming): workpiece length:200mm

Workpiece Length: 75mm

workpiece width:70mm

workpiece thickness: 8-60mm Airtec 40mm

variable feed speed: 8-14mm
feed speed (with contour trimming): 8m/min

feed motor:2.2kw
pressure section:1 driver roller, two idle rollers
joint trimming unit (2x): 2.2kw ea 12,000rpm
end trimming unit (2x): 0.18 kw ea 12,000rpm
fine trimming unit (2x):0.55kw ea 12,000rpm
grooving unit (1x): 3.5kw ea 12,000rpm
contour trimming unit (1x): 0.35kw ea 12,000 rpm
total power required: 20kw

amperage: 230/460V

machine length: 5,573mm
machine width: 1,300mm
working height: 950mm
total height (with hoods open): 1850kg

machine weight:1,850 kg

electrical connection: 208/230/440/480V 3 Phase

dust extraction: (1x) 120mm (4x)80mm (1x) 100 2,635 CFM
machine compressed air: 15CFM 6BAR (87PSI) 3/8" ID airline

airTec compressed air:52 CFM, 10BAR (145 PSI) 1" ID Airline

powerTouch Program Control

  •   operating panel with 22” FULL-HD multi-touch display in widescreen format

  •   utilizes standardized interface across all Homag Group machinery

  •   ergonomic touch operation with gestures such as zooming, scrolling and swiping

  •   simple navigation for standardized and intuitive operation

  •   intelligent display of readiness of production by light function

  •   Power Control V2

    Motorized Top Pressure Belt Hold Down Beam Joint Trimming Unit

    •   pre-trimming of the workpiece edge prior to gluing

    •   motorized infeed fence positioning via program control

    •   two (2) motors, 3 HP / each, 12,000 rpm

    •   one (1) motor clockwise rotation, one (1) motor counter-clockwise rotation

    •   vertical spindle adjustment via digital settings

    •   horizontal positioning via electro-pneumatic control

    •   dust extraction hood included with 120 mm diameter outlet

    •   diamond cutter heads

      Automatic Magazine for Strip and Coil Feeding

      •   large coil table (800 mm diameter) with built-in rollers to allow for 3 mm PVC coils

      •   edge strip capacity: 0.4 – 8 mm

      •   direction of glue rollers reversible and glue roller section retractable

      •   one (1) large driven pressure roller with pneumatic pressure control

      •   two (2) secondary rollers, all with controlled side pressure

      •   motorized setting of pressure zone

      •   strengthened pre-cutter for cutting thick PVC edges from the coil; maximum 3 x 45 mm;

        precutting system equipped with air volume reservoir for on-demand activation required for short workpieces

  1. Standard Hot Melt Gluing System

    •   no lubrication required – uses a high tech bearing system

    •   quick-change glue tank for easy maintenance and glue color change, if necessary

    •   glue temperature indication of both pre-melting unit and glue roller via LED

      thermostat display visible to operator

    •   infrared radiant glue heat zone control for optimum gluing strength. Automatic

      temperature reduction if not run within 15 minutes. This feature reduces the temperature automatically by 50°C.

Sound Cover

  •   equipped with two (2) independent openings

  •   safety interlock system – when sound enclosure door is opened, corresponding work

    station shuts off

  •   end trimming, fine trimming, and contour trimming motors are each equipped with

    electronic motor brakes to stop cutter rotation when hood is opened or when station is shut off at operator control panel

    AT 15 airTec Reactivation Unit

    •   AT 15 airTec Reactivation Unit providing zero glue joint finish

    •   patented gluing system reactivates the glue layer by means of compressed hot air

    •   workpiece thickness: 8 – 40 mm

    •   maximum feed speed: 15 m/minute

    •   temperature and pressure adjustable via program control

      Anti-Static Spraying Unit Lubrication Spraying Unit Double-Motor End Trimming Unit

    •   straight / chamfer end trim unit equipped with two (2) 0.18 kW (1/4 HP) 12,000 rpm motors; electronic motor brakes

    •   end trim unit utilizes drawing cut system for reduced blade projection when working on thick workpieces

    •   tooling also included

    •   program-controlled indexing from straight to bevel end trimming

  1. MS 40 Multi-Stage Fine Trimming Unit

    •   equipped with two (2) 0.55 kw (3/4 HP) 12,000 rpm trimming motors

    •   electronic motor brakes

    •   auto-tilt feature

    •   servo-controlled vertical and horizontal tracing rollers

    •   nested top copy system

    •   three (3) profile choices: Profile 1, Profile 2, and Flush Trimming via program control

    •   equipped with two (2) multi-profile radius cutter heads, including four (4) knife carbide


      Single-Motor Contour Trimming Unit

    •   corner rounding of thick PVC edges

    •   includes one (1) trimming motor 0.35 kw (1/2 HP) 12,000 rpm; electronic motor brakes

    •   feed speed when corner rounding: 8 m/min

    •   diamond tooling included

Quick-Change Profile Scraping Unit

  •   scraping of roughly trimmed thick PVC edges in order to remove the cutter marks

  •   vertical and horizontal tracing wheels

  •   radius knives included (quickly changeable to different radii)

  •   program-controlled indexing

  •   one (1) set of tools standard

  •   one (1) set of tools with nested top and bottom copy system

    Grooving Unit

    •   continuous or jump grooving with one (1) motor (3.5 kW, 5 HP, 12,000 rpm)

    •   ability to groove from below in the face of the workpiece

    •   tilting: 0 – 90 degrees

    •   pneumatic indexing

    •   maximum grooving cross section: 80 mm2

    •   maximum groove depth: 12 mm

    •   one (1) grooving saw included (7.0 mm width)

      Finish Scraping Unit

 flat knives remove any unwanted material from the trimmed / scraped edge Top and Bottom Buffing Unit

  •   top and bottom buffing motors for finishing of longitudinal edges

  •   two (2) 2,800 rpm polishing motors

  •   inclinable vertically and horizontally

  •   two (2) buffing wheels included


Listed specifications were taken from the manufacturer’s published information and is assumed to be correct but not guaranteed.

Bidder is encouraged to inspect the machine, call with questions contact the manufacturer for more information.

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